Cancer means cell aging and cell tissue damage. Cancer exists in most living beings as it is a part of the natural process of cell aging, if we could cure cancer forever, cells wouldn’t be damaged or we would have found a way in which to make cells stop aging. This is a very unlikely scenario, eventually cells will age, as living creatures do. However there are many break thoughts in medicine advancements to treat cancer and that is very good news.

Cancer causes can be diverse or based on single variables, most common cancer causes are due to previous genetic history in family members, natural aging, habits that can damage your health, environmental causes and/or carcinogenic substances exposure, or a combination of various factors.




One cancer risk factor is Genetic History. Family cancer cases, means family members are more likely to develop certain types of cancer. Certain genetic history of families, can mean certain people are more likely to develop certain types of cancer, as there has been other family members more susceptible to developing certain types of cancer in the past, this genetic history, means other family members have more chances of developing cancer, and therefore undertake more health checks and even take precaution surgery to avoid their genetic history of developing cancer succeed.


One cancer risk factor is Natural Aging. Natural aging of cells can generate cancer, it is normal that older people develop cancer as cells start aging. Cell aging is a natural process, and older people are more likely to develop cancer due to natural aging. Very old people that develop cancer, may not die of cancer, as carcinogenic cells don’t reproduce due to the advanced age of the patient. The older people get, the more likely they are to develop certain types of cancer due to natural aging. Natural aging cancer is very common and it is a natural process that has always affected cells.


Daily habits such as exposing yourself for long hours to UV radiation of the sun, without protection, frequently smoking, frequent alcohol drinking, eating processed foods with a lot of sugars, having a sedentary life without physical activity, etc…are risk factors of developing cancer. About 10% of cancers are skin cancers. Stress, luck of sleeping, body disruption.


One of the most complex cancer risk factor is environmental causes, exposure to natural gases such as radon or materials such as amianto are important cancer causes, but also chemical pollution and ionizing radiation play a mayor role in cancers provoked by environmental causes. The level of chemical disruption due to industrialization and luck of government control, and the increase of environmental ionizing radiation, are probably the mayor driving forces in the exponential increase of cancer cases worldwide, as these factors contribute to the acceleration of premature cell aging.


Probably in many cancer cases there is a combination of factors that makes certain cells start developing cancer. Premature aging due to habits and environmental causes could explain the rise in cancer cases in younger adults without a genetic history of cancer in their families. Pollution in food, water and air, makes all people more vulnerable to develop cancer, genetic history, natural aging, habits and environmental causes can all play a role in the development of cancer cases worldwide.